Mr. Long Weekend

I wanted to know what he was like. - Wrong / Everything But The Girl

"Mr. Long Weekend", resides in my fascination with notions of the masculine. Drawing specifically on representations of masculinity as it plays out in a Canadian context over the course of, alcohol fueled and testosterone laced, summer long weekends.

Turning the camera on myself, I stage hyper-real representations of my own gender. My approach to these roles is that of an outsider looking in. As a gay male my engagement with these representations lies in the reality of their elusiveness not only in the past and the present, but in the future as well. The subsequent photographs that comprise "Mr. Long Weekend" act as a record of these performances, which through role-playing has allowed me to transition from wanting the object of desire to becoming the object of desire. They are indirect self-portraits of men I want or have wanted to be.

A selection of work from this series is available through CLAMPART:


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