Hard Candy

Evoking something sweet, yet hard to swallow, "Hard Candy" focuses on the idealization of the male body and where that ideal was born. Using gay pornography's representation of the hyper-masculine male as my starting point, I consider such fantasy images and explore the way in which these images create a foundation for rolex replica sale an idealized body image many men struggle to attain. While these images are often cultivated in the gay arena, the effects of such idealization are not confined to the gay sphere; many advertising campaigns are ambiguous enough to target both the gay and straight consumer. These idealized images blur the boundaries between the "reel" and the "real", where all emphasis is placed on youth and beauty.

Pornography reflects and informs what we consider erotic. I contend that pornographic bodies are not contained within the photographic and filmic rolex replica sale frame but, instead, powerfully resonate in the real. In "Hard Candy", I seek to understand and critique the power and force wielded by the idealization of the masculine body.

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