Easy Reader

I am a collector: of stories, of memories, of geography, of boys, of hearts and heartaches. Easy Reader amasses this collection in the form of found objects -hardcover secondhand books, sheets of letterhead and lined note paper - surfaces to be drawn upon / bodies to be written on.

The subject of Easy Reader is culled from pornography, amateur Internet porn sites, fashion magazines, J.Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch catalogues: images that are easy on the eyes, effortless and seductive. In most cases, the drawings and the books themselves become obscured by candy coloured circles, which, begin to take on a decorative/aesthetic life of their own. Organic in nature the circles, and in some cases beeswax and penny bubble gum, multiply and build on one another; encroaching on and threatening to obliterate the entire image; the entire story / a fragmented correspondence between myself and an unseen other.

Still a work in progress, the collection is ongoing; added to and reworked on a regular basis.

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