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  • Album

    "Album" is a collaborative drawing project of rolex replica forty plus works by Chris Ironside and Christy Thompson. Based on a typical family photo-wall commonly seen in residential settings, this installation merges the works of both artists. Instead of a grid or linear format, the works are installed more organically, establishing a sort of family tree that directs the viewer's eye. However, upon closer inspection the "family" members do not have a logical nor familial correlation and instead the viewer is called upon to create their own links between the cast of breitling replica characters.

    Both artists are interested in the daily practice of drawing and how the hand is evidenced through the medium. The series of portraits give reference to their original photographic sources but through the act of drawing imbue aspects of imperfection, temporality and perceived emotion..

    "Album" is currently on exhibit, as part of the group show "Family Ties", at Daniel Faria Gallery from January 31 - March 23, 2013

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